Well Being Spa, The Amazing Spa Experiences in Seminyak Bali.


Natamagazine.co – Wellbeing Spa endeavor to combine traditional Indonesian beauty treatments with modern techniques and equipment, to ensure that your journey will be thoroughly peaceful, revitalizing and luxurious one.

If youve come to Bali to relax, de stress or just to have fun, allow yourself to receive the utmost from holiday. From among the selection of aromatic herbs, essential oils, floral baths and relaxing massages, you can allow yourself to be pampered in just the way that you deserve.

As environment plays such an important role in wellbeing, the spa has been specially designed and friendly, caring and highly trained staff will set you at ease, so that you can totally enjoy this special experience.

The owner himself, Mr. Nata, a kind Balinese man, has tremendous 22 years of experiences in this field. He also had a chance to taste an International Level of Knowledge since he had his education in Australia. And to make a good use of this precious knowledge, he had devoted his service in Germany, Asia and a well known five star hotel in the world.

Based on that, he always keeps his commitment on holding the hygiene standard in each and every spa he owned. On the same time, he taught his staffs to maintain the professional services with international standard which have been well known for years. Thats why he could spread his wing, owning not only one place of service, but 3 places after 11 years. They are spread from seminyak to petitenget. You are welcome to visit and try any of those spots. For details of locations and how to get there, you can check spa’s maps.

But his foot steps have not stopped there. Starting a year ago, he is giving away his knowledge through Spa Academy. Based on his vision to provide the world with more professional spa therapists, he and some friends started this noble mission. If you are willing to taste the sweet knowledge, then you are welcome to join his academy.

Well Being Spa has capacity 25 Pax In-Room. Treatment Established on August 14th, 2001, this place greets you with a very unique architecture. With one of a kind design, we have a unique Salon Area, 7 Single Rooms and 8 Couple Rooms. Bigger groups of spa-holic, will find this place as heavenly ground. The located in Jalan Laksmana No. 66B, Seminyak Kuta, Seminyak, Bali, western part of tourism spot in Seminyak. Laksmana Area in Seminyak, Bali is famous as food fiesta area.

Lots of famous restaurants, well-known with delicious food, attract food lovers from all over the world. Free pickup service is available in certain area. Please contact: (0361) 735573 | Fax (0361) 736112 or email : wellbeingspa@hotmail.com or info@wellbeingspabali.com for detailed information. (Nm).

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