The Exotic Teluk Dalam, An Amazing Destination at Southern Tip of Nias Island. – Nias is home not only to a unique human culture but also internationally famous surfing destination when you visit North Sumatra. The best known surfing area is Sorake Bay, close to the town of Teluk Dalam. The lovely little town of Teluk Dalam is an amazing fusion of beautiful scenery, captivating culture, and intriguing history, located on the southern tip of Nias Island, North Sumatra. Teluk Dalam is where surfing aficionados from across the globe and the Indonesian islands flock to try to conquer its amazingly thrilling waves. The town is also where the famous traditional “stone jumping” feats take place, a heart-stopping sport requiring great acrobatic skills and athletic ability.

Teluk Dalam is the capital town of South Nias Regency administratively located within North Sumatra Province. In English, Teluk Dalam translates to the “Deep Gulf”. Meanwhile, the South Nias locals in their dialect refer to Teluk Dalam as Luahaziwara-wara, meaning “the meeting place” which perfectly represents the town as a center of activities it has been for generations.

When you are interested in the lives of the traditional Nias people, this is definitely the place to be. The villages of Teluk Dalam are located relatively near to each other and each is brimming with tradition and the unique Nias architecture.

One prime example of a traditional village is Bawomataluo, which lies about 15 miles from the heart of Teluk Dalam. This village is located on a hill about 400 meters above sea level. The houses in this village are all built using Nias traditional architecture, known as Omo Nifolasara, which has been used for hundreds of years. These unique houses were built facing each other leaving a large courtyard in between, which to this day is still used as a stage for traditional art performances such as the famous stone or boulder jumping (Fahombo/Hombo Batu) and the War Dance. Several other noteworthy villages to visit are the Hilinawalo Fau, Onohondro and Hilinawalo Mazino Villages.

Near Teluk Dalam, you can also see Megalithic relics located at the Orahili Village, in the Gomo District. These large slabs of stones are located among the hills near the Gomo River. According to local history, the megalithic stones were part of a settlement or village that dates back to the Early Stone Age (Neolithicum) from around 1,000 BC to 1,500 BC.

Teluk Dalam is also loved for its beautiful beaches. The waves by these beaches are well known to surfers from all corners of the world, namely the Lagundri and Sorake Beach. The waves at both of these beaches make for two excellent surfing spots due to their continuity and their exceptional height, making these a challenge but also doable for beginner surfers.

To get there from The Binaka Airport at Gunung Sitoli, Teluk Dalam town is about 100.9Km away and can be reached in about two and a half to three hours’ drive. From Sibolga on mainland North Sumatra, you can also reach Teluk Dalam directly by Ferryboat that will take about 12 hours. The Sibolga-Teluk Dalam Ferry operates twice a week, however, the schedule can change unexpectedly and at short notice, services may be canceled due to bad weather or technical problems. (Nm).

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